Due to the weather, pool day was cancelled– but we still had an awesome day! We took a little adventure to NCAR, the National Center for Atmospheric Research! As soon as we arrived we did sunblock and filled our waterbottles before heading out on a hike! We took a few breaks to take in the views and sing some songs but went all the way to the water tower where we played a game of poison frog and then ate lunch! During lunch, we heard Shock-T calling to us! Everyone was so excited– but we never got to see him, as ‘sitings’ of Shock-T often go. We hiked back down and got to explore some of the exhibitions at the center before heading back to Whittier on the bus. Back at Whittier, we played “Blob tag” while the weather lasted. Once it started raining a bit we did shields inside the school. They came out great! We will put them on the bus on Friday and become part of the AO legacy! After shields we did some lanyards and friendship bracelets. Then, the campers gathered to watch a volcano that Annie made using baking soda and vinegar! Even though it was small– it was really cool! We had snack and sang songs then played outside until it was time to go home. Tomorrow we will be back at camp to do archery!

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