We’ve had busy days down in Denver Junior, so busy it’s been hard to blog.

On Tuesday, we saw tons of animals at the Refuge, like a bill snake, craw dads, fish, and we even found Sarah! On group put on a skit entitled “Pirated Save the Princess.” We will check out the contact station when we’re back on Friday.

Wednesday, everyone got a chance to climb Wally up at Wondervu. The weather was absolutely beautiful! The groups also hiked to Thunder Ridge, ate luch in a teepee, and found geodes hidden among the trees and and rocks.

Thursday, today, was pool day! We played tag games at the Green, like catch the sunscreen, bandaid tag, and blob tag. The pool was the perfect temperature, and we spent tons of time swimming and playing in the water.

Today, we also did a rock-themed obstacle course- we climbed through stalactites, crossed dangerous lava, and threw water on volcanoes.

Some songs we sang this week include Little Spaceship, Lttle Red Wagon, Baby Shark, The Moose Song, The Hippo Song, and Tarzan. Oh! And Sherman the Worm.

Some games we played this week include rock, paper, scissor Olympics; dead ant tag, and poison frog.


See you tomorrow!

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