We had a lot of exciting Sleep Away Camp firsts today! Fishing was very excited to catch some huge trout, and can’t wait to eat some tomorrow! Sailers learned to jibe across the lake, horseback riders loved their lesson in tacking, and backpackers learned how to successfully organize their packs for tomorrow’s trip. We also celebrated camp’s first two birthdays with some surprise cupcakes for both a camper and Counselor Chris at lunch!

Nature & Ecology played some team games to learn about the food chain, and climbing tried out two new crag routes! Crafters have been using paper mache and paint to make some awesome spherical creations with Kylee, and 1-weekers used colorful bubbles to make a beautifully bright mural this afternoon after horseback riding.

Everyone at camp was also energized for tonight’s evening program- planning camp’s first Open Space! Campers brainstormed activities that they are good at leading and teaching, and that they thought others would like to participate in, too. Tae Kwon Do, fishing from canoes, music, dancing, bug collecting, and using a rock throwing range are what campers decided as a community to run tomorrow and Friday during Open Space. We can’t wait to see how these new programs turn out!

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