We were super excited to see our backpackers off this morning as they left for their overnight trip! Their hiking, packing, and planning during the last few days are sure to make for a wonderful trip with Jenna and Jay.

Crafts worked on some beautiful lanyard patterns today, and Hiking made it 2.2 miles all around the camp property with Sam and Olivia! Daniel and 1-week campers made some excellent kites on this windy afternoon, and enjoyed playing a round of Ladder Toss with Max!

It’s certainly safe to say our first ever Open Space period was a success! Fishing from canoes, dancing, music, bug and salamander catching, Tae Kwon Do, and rock throwing were all successfully led and assisted by campers from every cabin.

Our evening program began with some end-of-the-day songs with Tom, and transitioned into a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors Olympics! Campers and counselors then moved to their cabin camp fire areas, and ended the day with a funeral for the words “I Can’t.” After writing down things they thought were tough or impossible for them in the past, campers watched their “I Can’t” statements drift into the fire. After some relaxing cabin campfire time, we jumped into the most anticipated part of the evening- you guessed it, S’mores! We look forward to the stories that Jay, Jenna, and the backpackers will be sharing with us tomorrow.

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