Our morning goodbyes to our first session of 1-weekers made for a sad start to our day, with the many news friends we’ve made this week. After packing cars, exchanging phone numbers, and final hugs, we said goodbye until next summer!

We spent the afternoon down in the meadow- hiking, flying kites, playing frisbee, reading, drawing, playing games, and relaxing. It was a a beautiful, sunny afternoon! We also got to play some group parachute games!

Campers and counselors enjoyed a camp-wide game of Australian Baseball, a mix of baseball, follow the leader, and tag. Swimming, building animal houses in the woods, and crafts were some free time options today, and wow, do we have some creative campers! Dream catchers, bracelets, and paper mache projects are covering the Craft Shack!

We look forward to meeting our new session of 1-weekers tomorrow morning!

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