Starting off the day with a big french toast breakfast means nothing but good things ahead at camp! We were all happy to hear about the backpackers’ journey to Big Meadows, on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, and their many adventures. Moose sightings, making campfire pizza for dinner, hot cocoa with breakfast, and becoming Junior Rangers are among the many!

A camp-wide game of Human Battleship had everyone pumped up this afternoon, with campers throwing sponges over Wally the Rock Wall to try to “hit” those standing in battleships on the other side! Our streak of catching rainbow trout continued during Organized Free this afternoon, with Counselor Chris helping campers reel in a few more! Campers also enjoyed the sunny waterfront for swimming and splashing around. We had a particularly delicious dinner tonight of grilled chicken, soup, and homemade bread cooked fresh this morning. We couldn’t thank our kitchen staff enough!

The day ended on a quiet, contemplative note with a Friendship themed Friday Night Campfire. We said goodbye to our 1-week campers, sang along to some end-of-the-day songs, and talked about what friendship means to us. Tommy told us the story of the Key Log- and how many, many years ago, men sending huge trees downriver to where they were needed often came across the problem of moving logs that were stuck in the chaos. They called these Key Logs, and at campfire tonight, we talked about overcoming our own Key Logs. Campers and counselors stood up and shared some very special recognition to friends at camp that have helped their journey in moving their personal Key Log downriver, and placed it into the fire.

We look forward to spending as much time with our 1-weekers as possible before they leave tomorrow, and we know there will be some very teary goodbyes.

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