As our first half of the week activities end, 2-week campers are looking forward to starting their final round of activities before heading home! We said goodbye to our backpackers as they left with Jenna and Jay for their three day, two night adventure through Rocky Mountain National Park. Kylee and the Crafters had a spectacular parade through camp this morning with their handmade animal masks and capes! The Crafters also continue to work on a mural made of beautifully decorated puzzle pieces that will all fit together to hang through camp. It looks great!

1-weekers enjoyed team-building activities with Annie this morning, and Nature & Ecology with Olivia where they dissected owl pellets and turned them in to awesome bookmarks! They also got in some great paddling out on the lake with Daniel and Courtney. Canoes, kayaks, and sail boats have been covering the lake the last few days!

While the rain came through before dinner, it made for some perfect fishing weather during Organized Free time and we reeled in a few more Rainbow Trout! After dinner, and the rain passing, campers and counselors enjoyed their Embers campfires with their cabin groups and of course, made S’mores! We can’t wait to start some more theater, hiking, climbing, and sailing Wednesday morning.


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