After a delicious waffle breakfast, we got in all of our morning activities despite the weather! Climbing mastered some knots and practiced belaying with Ben, Theater kept up their energetic performances, Nature & Ecology had an awesome food chain and dissection class, and Crafters continued their leather work and puzzle pieces for the mural.

Campers and counselors enjoyed a cozy game of over-the-radio bingo this afternoon from their cabins, with Tommy as our announcer / commentator. We had some very exciting prizes- including lanyard making with Jen, Tom playing guitar to your cabin during rest hour, being the first cabin to snack, and perhaps most exciting, dumping a bucket of water over the director of your choice’s head! Congrats to all of our bingo winners!

Between bingo and dinner, campers and counselors alike rocked out to quite the dance party! (We have some very talented dancers here at sleep away!!) Thanks to DJ Tom, it was certainly an exciting event.

After using most of their energy, campers enjoyed a special cold-and-rainy-weather movie night- and what else besides Frozen would be perfect for the occasion? Popcorn, relaxing with friends, and warm pajamas made for the perfect end to a busy day. We look forward to being outside tomorrow and planning our talent show for later this week!


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