A yummy breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese, quesadillas started off our morning, before 2-week campers jumped into their new round of activities. Paddling, sailing, archery, crafts, and sports & games all enjoyed the beautiful weather before lunch! 1-weekers enjoyed some climbing with Ben and Jessi this morning, as well as fishing with Daniel and Olivia!

After macaroni and cheese with chili for lunch, and a well earned rest hour, 1-week campers did awesome in a group team building circuit with their counselors! They also decorated water bottles, played games, and sang some songs. 2-week campers continued their activities with theater, outdoor exploration, fishing, and horseback riding! Backpacking practiced hiking with their packs, double checked all of their equipment, and can’t wait until they head out on their adventure tomorrow morning!

For evening program, after a delicious taco night, we started off singing some songs with Tom! “Sloopy,” and “Lean on Me” were on the top of the list. Campers and counselors played some goofy rounds of Ship Island before heading to their Embers locations. We used yarn to make a web connecting us with things such as- why we love camp, why we came to camp, and what we’ve learned at camp. We then turned that yarn into bracelets so we can keep those things in mind this week! We also enjoyed some S’mores with our cabin mates and counselors.

We can’t wait to send backpacking off on their journey, and continue activities tomorrow!


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