Welcome new 1-week campers! After a morning of cleaning, organizing, setting up, and decorating, counselors and 2-week campers were very excited to welcome our new camp members!

While the 1-weekers settled in and unpacked, 2-weekers picked their activities for the final week of camp. Backpacking is super excited about their 3-day trip through Rocky Mountain National Park this week! We have a great group and know they’re have a lot of fun. They’ll be learning how to pack their equipment tomorrow, and get to practice hiking with it!

A lot of campers have been learning how to belay this week, and can’t wait to be back in climbing to belay with Ben! Archery, hiking, outdoor exploration, crafts, theater, horseback riding, paddling, fishing, sports & games, and sailing all continue this week, too!

After dinner, we were off to our Sunday night campfire to welcome our 1-weekers, play games, sing songs, and look forward to the week ahead! After our opening song of “Sloopy,” we played a round of meet everyone in camp in 2 minutes! Our new 1-weekers did great! We also had the challenge of putting ourselves in birthday order, and finding things in common with different sized groups of campers and counselors. After goodnights and announcements, we closed with “Lean on Me.” We look forward to starting our new session of activities tomorrow, and getting to know our new campers even better.

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