As camp is winding down to the last few days, everyone is sad, excited, anxious, and energetic all at once! The day started with waffles and fruit for breakfast this morning, followed by the first day of our second-half-of-the-week activities- climbing, theater, sailing, outdoor exploration, and crafts were back in swing with new campers! Some talented climbers were very excited to belay with Ben and help teach other campers the technique, too. Theater practiced some awesome skits for the talent show tomorrow night, sailing practiced maneuvering in pairs and on their own, and crafts worked on painting their paper mache creations with Kylee!

1-weekers had a great time hiking with Olivia and Annie! They also enjoyed their horseback riding adventure this morning with Brenden and Daniel.

After lunch and rest hour, campers got to try out their Open Free programs that they planned last night- meditation, tie-dying, hiking / tree saving, the jam session, and frisbee golf were a hit with both the campers that led them and those who joined in! (If your camper brings home tie-dye that they made with Jen and Kylee, please wash alone in cold water to allow the ink to set in before washing with other items. Thanks!)

After dinner, evening program began with some favorite songs with Tom, followed by some energetic games with Jen! Shin-ball got everyone moving around and trying to tag other campers’ and counselors’ shins with bean bags. We sang some closing songs with Tom, prepared for tomorrow, opened some mail, and were off to bed. We can’t wait to welcome back Jenna, Jay, and our backpackers tomorrow and hear all about their adventure!

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