We had a very busy second-to-last full day of camp today, starting right after breakfast with our last day of activities. Climbing explored new routes on the crag, sailing successfully named every part of a boat before getting on the water, theater perfected their performances for the Talent Show, and hiking enjoyed the views from Thunder Ridge! Outdoor Exploration had an awesome time examining plants, hiking around camp, and playing some nature games! Crafts finished up their beautiful community art project with Kylee to share with camp this evening.

The 1-week campers had a great morning with Amanda at the archery range, followed by fishing with Dana!

We were very happy to welcome back our backpackers this afternoon, who were very excited to share that they had perfect weather and beautiful sights all throughout their 3-day journey. They also set a really impressive time climbing the 4 mile, uphill hike- only 3 hours and 15 minutes!! Great job!

For third period today, campers had a blast at the Camp Carnival- with face paint, throw-a-sponge-at-a-director, and so many games! Ring toss, balloon darts, tire swing toss, hula hoop rolling, bucket ball, hit-over-the-cans, and ping pong ball throwing were challenging- but campers did great! Singing camp songs to counselors earned campers more tickets to play games, and we went through just about every song in the book!

Tonight was the much anticipated Camp Talent Show, and wow do we have some very brave and talented campers and counselors! We had pianists, amazing singing voices, funny comedy acts, some great jokes, skits from our theater program, a group jam session, community art, some air instrumentalists, some very accurate Gollum impressions, poetry, dancing, and more!

We can’t wait to spend the day at the Eldorado Springs Pool tomorrow!

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