What a last day at camp we had today! After our french toast and fruit breakfast, 2-weekers got their bathing suits and were off to the Eldorado Springs Pool! The weather was hot, sunny, and perfect weather for our adventure. We enjoyed our bagged lunches poolside, applied sunscreen often, drank a ton of water, and most importantly had a lot of fun!

1-weekers had a great time at their Camp-A-Palooza, doing just about anything they wanted around camp this morning. Archery, crafts, canoeing, swimming, fishing, and playing games to name a few!

Packing, exchanging addresses, hugs and a few tears were about before dinner tonight as campers wound down for the day. After a delicious dinner of turkey, homemade bread, soup, and veggies, campers put on some warm clothes and were off to closing campfire. We had a great night of songs, some inspiring quotes read by campers and counselors, stories and reflections, and a wonderful Key Log ceremony. Campers and staff thanked people who have helped their journey either in camp or outside of camp, and gave some very touching acknowledgements.

We look forward to a yummy breakfast tomorrow, goodbyes (until next summer!), and saying hi to family and friends again! Thanks to everyone who made this summer so successful.

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