Are the 1-week campers already halfway through? It goes so fast! With Tae and Jen and Jenna, they spent the morning at the Eldorado Springs Pool, though the thunder in the area kept them out of the water for a bit. The afternoon was for silly games out on the field.

For the 2-week campers, the schedule was the same, though we forgot to mention yesterday that there was Nature & Ecology two periods, as well as archery! (Did you see our new archery shed? It used to be down by the lake for storing miscellaneous gear, but we picked it up and moved it over to archery by the road as you drive in.)

This evening we had our first “Embers”. The whole camp met at the Town Center (the new benches by the Snack Shack) and sang a few songs (“I love the mountains” in a round) and then heard a story that introduced the “Funeral for the words ‘I Can’t’.” Each cabin collected a lantern lit from the group fire and took it to their own cabin campfire circle in the woods behind the Big Hall and Lodge. (The 1-week campers used the amphitheater and had s’mores.) There, they wrote on slips of paper the things that they struggle with that they wanted to overcome. Ironically, the first thing they had to overcome was lighting a fire in their fire pits from the gas lanterns! It had rained during dinner and even though they brought dry wood with them, the kindling from the ground was soaked. Each group was so patient and worked together to get their Embers Fire lit – and eventually they all did. [Anybody know a good source of white birch bark around here? We may have to import some from the midwest.] The nearly-full moon rose over camp as the cabin groups made their way to bed. It was a beautiful evening!