With the first day of activities for the second half of the week underway, two-week campers were really excited to try new things! Horseback riding, fishing, climbing, archery, sailing, arts & crafts, and more continued with new groups of campers, and our new Culinary option began! Campers baked cookies, learned how to make ice cream, and put it all together for some delicious ice cream sandwiches. One-week campers enjoyed catching salamanders with Samantha and Berenice in Nature & Ecology, went climbing with Michael, and fishing with Cassidy!

The sun was shining bright here at camp this afternoon, and allowed for some great waterfront time during Organized Free. Swimming was a hit for those who braved the cold water, as well as tadpole catching and sunbathing. Basketball, football, and volleyball in the field also made for some great afternoon free time.

After a yummy stir fry dinner, campers and counselors played Starburst Relay during Evening Program, working with their cabinmates to be first at finding all of the same color Starburst hidden under bowls! The rain interrupted for a little bit, and then everyone was off to the lodge to play “Sculptors”. Campers and counselors took turns trying to mold their cabinmates into an assigned topic until everyone could figure it out. Some funny categories were the Titanic, a forrest, a book, cowboys and cowgirls, and even a game of tetherball! Campers also enjoyed opening some mail before bed, and writing some letters back to family and friends. We look forward to the second day of new activities on Friday!