A chilly night up here at camp… before we blog, I thought I’d post the questions and answers from the evening program’s “Radio Bingo & Trivia”. Campers and staff got all ready for bed early, and we called out bingo over the camp walkie talkies to each cabin. Two regular rounds, a cross round, and a full card round. Plus, we played some camp trivia… it was great and we all stayed warm!

1. Year was camp founded, and the name? 2005, Mountain Day Camp

2. Four Directors names? Tommy, Tom, Jen, Jenna

3. Bear’s name, Deer’s name? Chuckles, Eyeball

4. Head Chef & 2 other kitchen staff? Justin. Leigh, Sam, Cleo, Alice, Marah

5. Tommy’s Dog? Stella

6. Jen’s Daughter’s Name? Kaylee

7. Camp water capacity? 12,000 Gallons

8. Name of cabin Mike & Angie live in? Windom

9. Name of dining tents? Grays and Torreys

10. Artist of song “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”? R.E.M.