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Wednesday-Climbing, Exploring, Tie-Dye, AND a Talent Show!

We had a huge day at sleep away camp today! We began our morning with a fortifying breakfast, and then split into two groups. The older campers headed out with Counselors Jasmine, Pete, and Phil for a second day of climbing, while the younger campers headed out with Counselor Lily, Program Director Jen, and Nurse […]

Full Friday

We had an awesome day today!  We spent most of the day in Eldorado Canyon, where it was a little bit cooler.  We took a hike to the Ranger Station, built animal and bug houses, and explored.  We then examined water samples from the river in the canyon and found a minnow and dragonfly nymphs, […]

Hiking in the Canyon!

We had an awesome second day of our session in Eldorado Canyon! Every group went on an awesome hike today, after beginning the day with some fun morning songs, including “Little Red Wagon” and “Altogether Now.” We played an extremely exciting game of Evolution–ask your camper how to play! After getting woken up with our […]

Tuesday in Eldorado Canyon!

Today we headed out to Eldorado Canyon on the bus with the rest of the campers and sang the “Moose Juice” song, as well as the “Hippo Song” and “Boom chicka Boom”. Next we played a handshake memory game, which everyone rocked at! Afterwards we made our water bottles and had a song filled sunscreen […]