We had an awesome second day of our session in Eldorado Canyon! Every group went on an awesome hike today, after beginning the day with some fun morning songs, including “Little Red Wagon” and “Altogether Now.” We played an extremely exciting game of Evolution–ask your camper how to play! After getting woken up with our songs and games, everyone got some sunscreen on, filled up their water bottles, and headed out! The Robotic Unicorn Trees headed down to the cave, and had a great time eating lunch and exploring down there! The Extreme Mountain Hikers of Grasshopper Pie and The Red Raspberries headed down Fowler Trail–we hiked all the way out the canyon! Once to the old mining road, we ate lunch and created some very intricate bug houses. Check out the photos on our website!

Everyone headed back to the Pad around 1:30, where we played waterfall as a camp to ensure that everyone had enough water to drink. Then, the Robotic Unicorn Trees headed over to the bouldering rock to make animal houses and catch some bugs, while the Red Raspberries made some pet rocks and the Grasshoppers made popsicle stick creations. We finished off the day with some delicious snack and some quieter afternoon songs–we sang “Baby Bumblebee” and that old favorite, “On Top of Spaghetti.”

Tomorrow, we head to the pool! See you there!

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