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Sunny Eldorado Wednesday!

The Chocolate Pumas and the Crystal Kookaburras headed back into Eldorado Canyon for another butterfly filled day! We sang “Get Loose” and “Boom-chicka-boom” with everyone, then we played “I Spy and Simon Says”. After our group games we started our beautiful tissue paper butterflies, which flew around the canyon in the nice breeze. Next we […]

Big Hike in Eldo!

We had an awesome day in Eldorado Canyon–we began our day altogether with the juniors in Eldorado Canyon. We sang “Fred the Moose” and “Tarzan,” and then played a rousing game of Giants, Wizards, and Elves. The Giants tagged the Wizards, the Wizards tagged the Elves, and the Elves tagged the Giants! After our songs […]