We had an awesome day in Eldorado Canyon–we began our day altogether with the juniors in Eldorado Canyon. We sang “Fred the Moose” and “Tarzan,” and then played a rousing game of Giants, Wizards, and Elves. The Giants tagged the Wizards, the Wizards tagged the Elves, and the Elves tagged the Giants!

After our songs and game, the Harry Potter’s Crazy Crazy Nature Clan (or HP double-C NC for short!) put on tons of sunscreen, packed up our packs, and headed out on the trail! We went up Fowler trail, got a chance to see the Bastille, and then headed right out of Eldorado Canyon Park, into the wild! We appreciated the beautiful views of Boulder, and headed to a nice shady spot on the old mining road to have lunch. During lunch, Counselors Jen and Aly told some wonderful Shock-T stories–ask your camper about Shock-T, the old man who lives in the canyon!

After lunch, we rescued our mascot, Surgery Cow, who had somehow managed to get herself stranded on a rock! The campers worked together to get across the “river”–a sectioned off area of the trail–and save Surgery Cow! They even saved her once without talking, which all of the counselors thought was pretty amazing. Then, we headed back into Eldorado Canyon and the Pad for a slightly quieter afternoon.

Once we reached the Pad in Eldorado Canyon, we took some time to re-sunscreen and drink lots of water. The campers then had a great time building animal houses and going bug and butterfly catching during free play. After free play, we worked together as a group to make our Cabin Group Code, which is a list of the ways we’re going to treat each other while at camp. We finished off the day with some delicious gorp for snack, a quick round of rose and thorn–each camper said their rose, i.e. their favorite part of the day, and their thorn, i.e. their least favorite part of the day–and lovely renditions of the songs “I love the Mountains” and “On Top of Spaghetti.” Another great day in Eldorado Canyon!

We’re excited to see everyone at the pool tomorrow!

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