The Chocolate Pumas and the Crystal Kookaburras headed back into Eldorado Canyon for another butterfly filled day! We sang “Get Loose” and “Boom-chicka-boom” with everyone, then we played “I Spy and Simon Says”. After our group games we started our beautiful tissue paper butterflies, which flew around the canyon in the nice breeze. Next we took a break with a fast round of “Ship/Island”, which got everyone moving around. Next was lunch time, where we saw two spiders and lots of other unidentified bugs. There was some commentary about a snack sighting near the bathroom, although the reports of “ginormous hug rattlesnakes” are yet to be confirmed. Before we left the canyon we spent quite a bit of time searching for new butterflies. Although we did not catch as many as yesterday, we did find three new kinds we had never seen before! Awesome! Back at Base Camp we finished out the day by signing our group code and spending some time free playing. As usual, we had a yummy snack of cold baby carrots and a round of “On Top of Spaghetti”. Tomorrow, its off to Spruce Pool and climbing Wally!

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