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Summer 2014! Registration Open!

In the days leading up to registration opening, I took some time to update our website. Doing so presented the opportunity to go through all the pictures from last summer. It was like watching your favorite movie; I laughed, I cried, I told stories about it, and when I was done, I couldn’t wait to […]

Eldorado Canyon: Session 3, Day 10

We had a great last day of the session! We started our day by singing three of our favorite camp songs– “Little Red Wagon,” “Boom Chicka Boom” and “Brown Squirrel.” After, we played “The Sun Shines on…” with all of the campers. The campers split into their cabin groups to practice their skits, make their […]

Eldorado Canyon, Session 3: Day One

It was a great first day at Eldorado Canyon! We started the day off with singing three songs– “Tarzan,” “Riki Tiki Tumba.” and “Great Big Moose.” Then we played “Ship Island” with all the campers. After the game, we separated into our cabin groups and played name games to get to know one another! The groups then […]

Eldorado Canyon Session 2: Day 10

Today was our last day of Session 2 at Eldorado Canyon! The bus ride was full of songs, as we sang some of our favorites from camp as we headed into the canyon. For morning songs we sang “Boom Chicka Boom” and “Let Me See Your Funky Chicken.” The groups spent their day doing the […]