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Busy Wednesday at Sleep Away!

We had a big Wednesday at sleep away camp! After breakfast, sunscreen, songs, and games, the two-week campers who chose to do a second horseback ride headed out, while the other two-week campers did some awesome leatherwork and fished in our camp lake. It was great fun to see the campers gain and enjoy some […]

Predator/Prey at Wondervu!

We played a super-awesome game of predator/prey today at our new camp property, Camp Wondervu! It was fantastic; cabin groups were different animals who needed to find different amounts of food, water, and shelter. Campers had the chance to explore all around the camp property while looking for their food, shelter, and water tokens. Ask […]

Horseback Riding and Predator/Prey!

We had a grand time horseback riding and playing predator/prey today! We began our day with a good breakfast of cereal, blueberry muffins, oatmeal, and yogurt, and then headed back to cabins for cabin clean-up. After getting ready for the day, we met on the green, where we sang some groovy camp songs, including “Around […]