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Eldorado Canyon: First Day!

We had an awesome first day at camp, today! We escaped the heat up at Wondervu, where we started our day with some of our favorite camp songs including, “Little Red Wagon,” “Tarzan” and sang a special Happy Birthday to our counselor, Megan. Then we went over some of the rules at camp and had […]

First Day of EC Session 2!

We had an awesome first day of the session! We began our day in beautiful Eldorado Canyon, singing some energetic morning songs. We sang The Beaver Song, Tarzan, and Get Loose, all of which the campers really enjoyed, and then played an all-camp game of Ship-Island! The campers really liked doing the different movements in […]

Big Hike in Eldo!

We had an awesome day in Eldorado Canyon–we began our day altogether with the juniors in Eldorado Canyon. We sang “Fred the Moose” and “Tarzan,” and then played a rousing game of Giants, Wizards, and Elves. The Giants tagged the Wizards, the Wizards tagged the Elves, and the Elves tagged the Giants! After our songs […]