Today, the Juniors learned the true meaning of Wild Weather! It simply wasn’t cooperating with our plans. The blustery wind made it unsafe to climb Wally, so, instead, we crafted kites and flew them in our yard! We took a picture in our AO shirts. After we made rainsticks and had some free play, we  lunched and headed to the pool. Once we got there, the pool closed because of thunder. We had so much fun playing in the sprinkler at base camp: limbo, jumping over it, water tag. We played sleeping bunnies, read a story, and snacked on gorp before it was time to go home. Everyone was super tired by the end of the day; rest up this weekend!

How Camp Granite Lake is Responding to Potential Disruptions from COVID-19

Our Priorities are: your child’s health and safety, clear communication with our camp families, and acting with integrity.