Today’s destination was Eldorado Canyon State Park. The van ride to the Canyon was spent singing spongs (like “Titanic” and “The Bear Song”), posing riddles to one another, and playing 20 Questions. We were there before we knew it! Our first order of business was to unload the gear, apply sunscreen, and fill up our waterbottles. After a morning game of the Sun Shines On we split up into 2 groups – half of us went rock climbing while the others spent time at the Visitor Center learning about ECSP’s history. All of our campers did a great job rock climbing. We tried a new route today that looked and sounded very challenging. Campers did not give up, though, because all were happy at the height they ended with. After learning about how famous ECSP used to be and the interesting things that used to happen there (like tightrope walker Ivy Baldwin) each group gathered things from nature into a paper bag. We challenged one another with a backwards scavenger hunt. Campers also made their own riddles to challenge one another to find random objects in nature. Campers did a nice job solving all the riddles and finding each object. Campers enjoyed play time under the Ponderosa Pines and created clay objects in the van on the ride home. It was a gorgeous day in ECSP today!

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