90+ degrees? Pool Day please! Today’s Pool Day began at the eastern side of Stapleton’s Central Park. After applying sunscreen we sand “Tarzan,” “Baby Shark,” and “the Fishing Song.” Campers love our songs so much they start singing them before the staff do! Campers had a lot of energy so we played a game of Ship Island. Campers were then able to spend time on their end-of-session skits. They played with costumes and props in our costume box and created stories that they will act out tomorrow. Campers are so creative! Our next activity was our cabin shield. Each session of the summer campers are able to decorate a large, heavy duty magnet cut into the shape of a shield/crest. We decorate it with our group name , the year, our signatures, and pictures of our favorite camp things. Campers have to collaborate on how they want this piece of history to look, and they did a wonderful job. Our last activity before heading to the pool was eating lunch.

At the pool we reapplied sunscreen and discussed important pool rules. Campers were so eager to get relief from the heat that everyone stayed in the pool the entire time! During adult swim we played Sleeping Bunnies, Poisonous Frog, and plenty of water drinking games to keep everyone hydrated. After leaving the pool we headed back to the same spot at Central Park. There we ate a snack of carrots, apples and grapes and created lanyards. We learned that our last day, tomorrow, will be super busy but lots of fun. Can’t wait!

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