Even though all the campers told us they were sad that Friday was the last day of camp we somehow managed to have a great last day! And what a better way to spend the day than rock climbing on AO’s mobile rock wall? Campers got into harnesses and helmets after singing energizing songs of “Peanut Butter Reeses Cup,” “Tarzan,” and the “Fishing Song.” Campers took turns rock climbing, drinking water, and completing our group shield from the day before. Instead of going to Bluff Lake for the day, we decided to spend the rest of the morning and afternoon out of the 95+ degree heat and inside the Vanguard School, the building that serves as our Base Camp should we ever need it. Before lunch campers perfected the skits they had planned the day before. (Staff members Zach and Kaela couldn’t wait to see what would unfold when campers got onstage that afternoon). We sat in a circle for lunch and discussed our favorite foods and what we were doing after the session was over.

Even though we were enjoying the wonderful air conditioning we decided to get on our hats and explore for a bit. Behind the Vanguard school is a small wetlands area. As we hiked along the creek we saw 2 Crawfish and a few Redwinged Blackbirds. To keep campers cool we drank a ton of water and continuously sprayed them down with our spray bottles. After exploring we had a party to pick out all of prickers from our shoes and get ready for skits! Campers did a wonderful job with skits; silly superheroes, pretty princesses and goofy spies made us laugh and laugh. During each ‘intermission’ campers exchanged good jokes. After skits we worked on our Book pages, scrapbook pages campers make and leave in the camp scrapbook. After our last helping of GORP for snack we headed outside for our last play time. To debrief the day campers discussed instances where group members followed parts of our group code (this is called our Code in Action, and the discussion is called an Appreciation Circle). Just before parents came for pick up we sang “On Top of Spaghetti” for the last time. Campers were sad to see their friends go but plenty of hugs were exchanged. We’ll miss you, Wonderful Aqua Ninja Nerd Club!

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