Wildcats at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal

The Killer Wildcats had lots to do today. We started our day at Base Camp (the Vanguard Classical School). There we sang morning songs (“Little Spaceship” and “the Fishing Song”), played a morning game of EVILoution, and worked on a few teambuilding challenges. Next it was time for rock climbing! Director Tommy had set up our mobile rock wall, and after getting a safety brief campers began to climb. In between climbs campers were sure to drink lots of water and took turns getting sprayed by our waterbottles to cool down. The rock wall was definitely a hit – campers were able to climb each route (if they wanted) and did a nice job challenging themselves. After rock climbing the group ordered GORP. We discussed all the ingredients we could choose from and campers collaborated to find just the right ingredients for Killer Wildcats. After the GORP was ordered we named it Random Crunchy Crazy Brick Goodones GORP. Tomorrow we’ll mix it all together.

We then drove to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, set up our base and ate lunch (we were hungry!). Lunch was followed by fishing and insect catching. Campers were so patient casting their lines and waiting for something to bite. We eventually caught a Perch and a Bluegill! We ducked out of the hot sun and into the Visitor Center. There we explored the history of the Arsenal and checked out the many different exhibits. After the Visitor’s center we ate snack back at our base and played 20 Questions. To wrap up our day we took a walk along one of the lake’s floating docks. On the way home we planned for tomorrow, discussed our day and sang “Country Roads” and “On Top of Spaghetti.”

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