Today the Killer Wildcats spent their day in Eldorado Canyon State Park. On the way to the Canyon we shared riddles, sang songs, and played 20 questions. Campers were impressed by the Canyon’s beauty and unique attractions, such as the cave, the Bastille, South Boulder Creek, and many “Chippy” the Chipmunks. After we unloaded our gear and applied sunscreen it was time for us to climb Supremacy Rock with Russell the climbing guide. He did a great job explaining the right way to put on the safety equipment and the correct way to climb and descend. Each camper was able to climb the routes of their choice at least 3 times! Campers mentioned that descending was the hardest part because you really have to trust the rope. Climbing made us quite famished and we finished up the late morning by eating lunch. For our post-lunch activity we mixed the GORP we ordered the day before. Campers chose an ingredient to hand to someone else, who then poured it into our bear canister. To mix our ingredients partners had to create a motion (with out using their hands) to get the canister from and back to a starting point. Campers chose to spend the rest of their day playing, decorating crazy sunglasses, and getting their feet wet in South Boulder Creek. During Play we tried to beat our team record with the most hits during Moonball; we came so close! Many of us decorated our sunglasses as if we were spies – they even included microphones and cameras! The water of the South Boulder Creek was super cold as it glided over and through our watershoes. We let our feet dry as we ate snack and played 2 Lies and a Truth. We wished we could have spent more time in the Canyon but it was sadly time for us to go. One thing we all agreed on: we loved how it was 10-15 degrees cooler than in the city. We went home with a bit more energy than usual.

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