Last Day for the Wildcats

Today was the last day of camp for most of the Killer Wildcats and we made it one to remember! Instead of heading to Bluff Lake as originally planned, we returned to Cherry Creek State Park to get more shade and water in anticipation of the heat. We headed to a brand new spot called the Dixon Area. There we found a table tucked away in the Cottonwoods, set up our gear and applied sunscreen. We sang “La Touche” and took requests for other morning songs. Our morning game was called All Hail Hippy the Hippo. This game involved tagging, running, teamwork, high fives, and our stuffed animal Hippi the Hippo. After the game we cooled down and organized the activities for the day. Campers chose to work on arts & crafts first. They practiced leather working (stamping letters into leather) and spongebugs (we create water insects out of sponges, pipecleaners, and rubberbands). Campers chose to have Play after lunch, and they played card games and ball games during this time. Our next activity was to try out our spongebugs. The shore of Cherry Creek Lake was a perfect spot. We found most bugs floated initially and then “dived down.” Campers finished their cabin group shield – it looks great! We even put it on the side of the van for everyone to see. We ate our last helping of GORP before debriefing our week. To debrief each camper recieved a puzzle piece they decorated with their favorite camp memories. When everyone was done we put our puzzle together and discussed how we were all connected. Our last activity of the week was our Code in Action. Each camper recognized someone in the group for following one part of our code. In the van on the way home campers started “On Top of Spaghetti” before the staff was ready! We had a wonderful Session 3E and hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer.

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