Turns out cats really do like water – at least our Killer Wildcats do! Today was Pool Day, but since we don’t swim until after lunch we had lots to do before we arrived at the Pool. Our first destination of the day was the East side of Stapleton’s Central Park. After applying sunscreen we sang “Boom Chicka Boom” and “Peanut Butter Reeses Cup.” Our game of the morning was Quack Quack. In this game a camper stands in the middle of the circle with his/her eyes closed and a noodle in his/her hand. Other campers walk around the circle and try to disguise their voice if touched with the noodle. The campers did a great job trying to recognize and remember everyone’s voices through the disguise. The next morning activity involved our large building tools called Toobeez. With the Toobeez campers were challenged to create a structure (a Prairie Dog burrow) that would hold the entire group. Campers practiced communicating ideas with one another as they worked through the challenge. It took some time but campers succeeded! Some of us even ate lunch in the structure afterward.

Before swimming we applied sunscreen again and gave campers a swim screen to test their swimming abilities. The rest of the time the Wildcats stayed in the pool (and out of the heat). We played tag, did handstands, and even a pool version of Quack Quack. After the pool we headed back to Central Park where we ate snack, created lanyards, and planned the activities for our last day of camp. Campers sure looked tired at the end of the day and we know they’ll sleep well!

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