Today was the last day of camp in Denver and we went out with a bang! We sang morning songs and the campers worked on a teambuilding activity before heading off to Cherry Creek State Park. On the way to our base in the park we spotted 2 White Tailed Deer! We picked a nice shady area (Dixon Grove) to set up and for our first activity we created popsicle stick harmonicas. Afterward staff got the campers moving with a game called “All Hail Hippie the Hippo.” By that time it was a good break for lunch and we ate and discussed our favorite books and movies. After lunch the campers chose to have play time. Some played cards while others played Camouflage, a nature-based version of hide and seek. After play campers worked on this year’s Time Capsule. They wrote letters about themselves that will be read by Denver campers this time next year. We then shared what we wrote.

Our next activity was a water activity. Campers donned water shoes and life jackets and we headed for the shores of Cherry Creek Lake. While we didn’t find any of the Crawfish we were searching for, we did find snails, lots of shells, bones of some sort, and many of the campers created sculptures in the sand. It was then time for our Group Shield. The campers decided on a pattern for the shield and began decorating with permanent markers. The shield, which will be sent to Boulder to join all the others on the roof of our bus, looked amazing. The Jellyfish Bears Climbing Mt. Hot Sauce finished their time at the park eating snack. In the van on the way home we took turns giving appreciation to others in the group. We had a great end to our last week. See you next year!

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