Today the Boulder Juniors hiked up at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. In the  morning, we sang an enthusiastic round of Boom-Chick-A-Boom. Let’s hear it again, robot style! We played a game of Ship/Island, with T. Rex’s and dinosaur egg nests thrown in. After we learned everyone’s name and one thing they liked to do, we went on a trek to see the beautiful vistas and ponderosa pines that the NCAR trails have to offer. We ate lunch overlooking rolling hills that dinosaurs might have once roamed over. In the afternoon, back at base camp, we decorated water bottles  and started making dinosaur eggs. We hope to have them painted and ready to take home and hatch by Friday! We heard a story about Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs. Before leaving, we had a snack and shared how we felt about the day. All in all, another great day at camp!

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