Today we started off at mesa trail head to wake up and get ready for swimming. While we were there we sang the Baby Shark song, 3 short-neck buzzards, and the ever so popular Beaver Song. The group then took the bus to the pool where we immediately loaded up on sunscreen! After the sunscreen we were swim-screened, then the fun started. The pool was about 50 degrees so it was tough to stay in for too long. A few brave souls went down the water slide while others relaxed around on the sun deck. We had lunch then lathered on more sunscreen. We spent the afternoon on the sun deck designing lanyards, all of which turned out beautiful. As the day winded down we had clementines for snack then sang some more camp songs including the infamous “Meatball” song. After which we got on the bus a took our journey home, exhausted.

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