The Junior Campers really got into their program about weather this week and they’ve had an outstanding time. This was our camp’s first time to Star K Ranch’s Morrison Nature Center in Aurora and it is a hidden gem in the city! There were miles of trails, lush cottonwoods, ponds, and creeks too!

After singing the “Fishing Song” and “Around the World (Baby 1-2-3),” we then departed on some exploration in a nature preserve. We found a little dock that overlooked the ponds, and next to it was a great natural playground with logs and grasses and bugs to play with. The campers built a “home for ants with a skateboard ramp and slide” and climbed all over fallen trees and stumps. We then took the bug viewers and hiked through a marshier part of the trail to collect bugs. That made us pretty hungry for lunch.

After lunch we explored a different part of the trail looking for a dead snake some campers had seen there before. That lead us to a good discussion on what a scavenger animal is and what a predator animal is.

When we got to our base at Fletcher, we were pretty tired so sitting on the mats for a story felt pretty nice. After our story we had GORP (good old raisins and peanuts) and shared about our week. Each camper shared their “thunderstorm,” what they didn’t care for, and their “rainbow,” what they loved about the week. We also played a game called “Cloud and Sunshine” that resembles one the older campers play called “Ship Island.” By that time, it was almost ready to end our week.

We wrapped up the quiet time with “Making Rain” by making progressive clapping noises and singing “You are My Sunshine,” “I Love the Mountains,” and of course, “On Top Of Spaghetti!”

Aftercamp campers played “Sleeping Bunny” and “Blind Hawk” on the grass of the “Green Place” (that’s what they’ve named the Stapleton Green). We then transitioned to choice activities in the shade with our big aftercamp box. Some campers chose sidewalk chalk while others chose books to read and puzzles. During this time, counselors help campers choose something that meets their body’s energy level at that time.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks, Betsy, for your blog and info! Our daughter has loved her camp experience so far. I am glad she’s having such a fine time outdoors. It has even led to a change of heart about bugs. She explained to us over dinner tonight that bugs need air and that people shouldn’t kill bugs. She also told us about a mommy and baby hawk she saw last week. It was a great conversation.

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