For the first day of the Denver Juniors second camp session, the group enjoyed the nice weather and got to know the rest of the new campers. We started our day on the bus headed to the Morrison nature center and were greeted by two deer who stood statuesque as we unloaded the bus. After greeting the deer we were off to our home base shelter to sing songs. We dropped our gear off, had a sun screen party, sang a couple of our favorite camp songs and it was time to hike! Everyone had great morales walking along the creek. We found a nicely shaded scenic spot for lunch and everyone sat together sharing stories and getting to know one another. After lunch and another sun screen party, we headed back to our home base to get ready to get back on the bus. It was a great morning and everyone seemed satisfied as they sat quietly on our way to Fletcher for a quiet snack, stories and activities. The two groups decorated water bottles and came up with cabin group names. Peter’s group is called the “The Iron Moth Men”, and Betsy’s group is “The Baby Hyenas”. By the time we were ready to play a quick game, it was already time to go. As the saying goes, time fly’s when your having fun! See everyone tomorrow.

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