Today was a packed day! The Juniors started out with a round of “What Time is it Mr. Weatherman” and made some sun paintings. Everyone’s turned out great! Next we did some team building activities with our big parachute and a beach ball; we kept it bouncing for over 30 seconds! Afterwards we had a sunscreen party and hiked over to the park, where we chowed down on some delicious lunch. We played several rounds of Cloud Cloud Sunshine (also known as Duck Duck Goose) and a new favorite, “That’s Exactly What it is!” After  a quick trip back accompanied by some songs like Going on a Bear Hunt, we made our Rain Sticks and then got ready for everyone’s most anticipated activity, CLIMBING! Everyone mentioned this as their favorite activity later at snack time. To close, we handed out t-shirts and took a group picture. We will miss everyone from camp and hope to see you again soon!

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