We wrapped up our first session in Eldorado Canyon today! The morning started out great.. we began singing ‘Titanic’  on the bus, always a camp favorite!  We also sang ‘Funky Chicken’, ‘Boom Chicka Boom’ and ‘Little Red Wagon’. We played ‘Hail to the Cheif’ and then separated into our cabin groups for one final rockin’ day a AO!

The snib llamas went for a hike, worked on some team building/closing activities and perfected their skit! The Yellow Monkeys worked on their skits, went bug catching, and finished up closing activities. Jr. Leaders went for a hike, worked on their skits and finished their jr. leader training. In the afternoon we all performed skits and ate our last bowls of gorp for session 1.

All of the groups made p-cord bracelets. Each group did a closing activity  with  a looped rope. We then cut the rope into bracelets and sent the message that even though out time  together as a group is coming to a close, we are all still connected through our experience and literally through the p-cord bracelets that we made.

What a great finish to a great great session!

We still have limited space available this summer, and would be delighted to see session 1 campers again this summer!!

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