We started off our Junior day hopping on the bus to join the Eldorado Canyon program in Eldorado Canyon State Park! While we were there, we sang Tarzan and There was a Great Big Moose before we played Giants-Wizards-Elves. Next, we made our very own personal flowers using our hands as templates and green straws as stems. We named our group: say hello to the Awesome Cool Coyotes. All of this time together flew by, and it was time to drink some water, put on sunscreen, and leave for a trek. We made it to the Ranger Station for lunch, where we saw some hummingbirds and wild roses. We played Tomato–ask any question, the answer is “Tomato!”–and sang Peanut Butter Reese’s Cup. Before we could get on the bus, we voted on our ingredients for GORP. After our quick ride back to Base Camp, we read a story and played. Once we were done playing, we mixed and ate our Coyote GORP. After a round of On Top of Spaghetti, it was time to go home. See you tomorrow!

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