The AO Explorers began their eventful day to Eldorado Canyon with some camp songs like “This land is your land, this land is my land,” “Swing low sweet chariot”, and “Oh, Susanna.”

Once we got to Eldorado Canyon, we played a game that made the campers think about what some of their strengths and weaknesses are. Whether it is rollerblading or skydiving, we had them all brought up. (They seemed to have a lot of strengths, even in things they’ve never tried before)

Following that activity, each camper got to boulder under our supervision which they each had a lot of fun with! We have such great climbers in this group, we could see huge improvement each time they tried it!

We ended the day with a short hike through the canyon and made it back in time for a snack and our end of the day songs. Today we sang the John Denver classic “Country road”, “Home on the range” and our favorite “On top of spaghetti”.

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