Because the wild weather cooperated, the Juniors went swimming today! After we started the day with a few songs (today it was Tarzan and Little Red Wagon) and games, we picked our very own rocks from the yard to take home as pets. We added color, eyes, pom poms, and pipecleaners before naming our pets. We chowed down on lunch and headed over to the pool! The trip was our shortest hike all week. We swam and swam, slid on the duck slide, and played in the sprayground features. We were sure to slather on the sunscreen and drink lots of water. When we came back to base camp, we had enough time to play, talk about the roses and thorns of our day, and eat snack. After one more round of “On Top of Spaghetti,” it was time to go home! Rest up because tomorrow, we rockclimb.

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