We had a wonderful Thursday in the Canyon! We began our day with some lovely songs, including “Baby Shark.” Then, we sunscreened up, filled up our water bottles, and got ready to play Gold Rush! Gold Rush is an all-camp game that we play throughout the whole canyon–the campers search for pieces of gold to bring back to the Pad, while avoiding the gold thief, who attempts to steal the gold back from the campers and re-hide it in various places. Bus Driver Ed played our Gold Thief, while the campers all enjoyed being gold miners for the morning.

After we finished playing Gold Rush, we relaxed and had lunch in our crazy creeks, while talking about how the game went–the campers used the AO foam animals to talk about how they cooperated during the game and how they could have played the game differently. After lunch, we re-sunscreened and enjoyed some free play–some campers made amazing bug houses, while others chose to do lanyards and make butterfly attraction spots.

After free play, we re-filled our water bottles (for the third time!) and headed to our cabin table to do marble painting. It was so much fun! Each camper got to choose three colors to dip the marbles in, then rolled those marbles around on their paper to make some amazing Jackson Pollack-esque paintings. Ask to see your camper’s painting!

We finished the day with the ring game and some delicious gorp for snack. As a group, we discussed what we might want to put in our group time capsule next week, and then ended our day with some quieter, more relaxing songs, including “Do Your Ears Hang Low” and the ever-popular “On Top of Spaghetti.” It was an excellent day, and tomorrow we’re heading to the Meadow! Wear long pants, and we’ll see you there!

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