Today the Juniors had a fun day at Morrison Nature Center. The group started the day as usual with a sunscreen party, songs and a fun group game. Once the Juniors were ready we embarked on an epic dinosaur scavenger hunt where the kids searched for dinosaur remains that the counselors hid on the trail. The kids did great using their instincts to find all on the pieces of the Brontasaurus. We all sat together afterwards to work as a team to figure out how the pieces went together. After the hunt, we went hiking for a lunch spot which ended up being by a beautiful pond where we sat and enjoyed our food and the view. After eating we went back to the bus to head to Fletcher for our Dinosaur fossil activity. There the kids made molds of cool pieces of nature they had picked up on our hike. They were very happy with the out come as their creative minds produced amazing results. The juniors ended on a great note singing songs the included the dark side theme to Star Wars, Clementine and On Top of Spaghetti. It was a great end to an adventuresome week.

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