The Denver Explorers began their day as usual with some of the kids favorite camp song such as “You can’t ride in my little red wagon”, and the “Fishing” song.

After songs we played a high energy game called “Ships and Islands” where the campers were tested to react quickly to the instruction given by the counselors. We needed a long water break after this game today. It involved a lot of running!

Climbing was the next activity on the schedule for the day! Each camper got to experience some rock climbing on our 40 foot mobile rock wall. Our campers really broke some limits today on that rock wall! It seemed like each camper got higher on the wall and felt more comfortable each time they climbed!

The explorers then ventured over to the F15 pool where they spent the afternoon swimming at the great facility there! I might mention that the campers went through a strict screening process before given the permission to swim in the deep end. At camp we love to stretch our limits, but safety always comes first!

After a long day of having fun with our friends and experiencing new things, we finished our day singing songs such as “Row, row, row your boat” which we actually sang in a round. We got a lot of positive feedback back from some of the neighboring swimmers! Ounce again we finished our day out by singing “On top of spaghetti.”

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