Today the juniors explored the trails of South Westerly Creek. It was the warmest day of the week so far, so before we began we put on a healthy dose of sunscreen and filled up our water bottles. To get the energy level up we started the day with the long time camp favorite song, Little Red Wagon, and played a very energetic game of Ship/Island.

Finally we were ready to begin our trek. We all teamed up to pretend we were a train going through the forest. Along the way we saw many cool things. We saw the prairie dog city, a couple bunnies, a very energetic toad, and a swimming river rat! As we approached our shady lunch spot along the river, we encountered a beaver dam!

After a very lengthy lunch, we made the short hike up to Central Park to play and wait for Conrad and the bus. Like most days, we headed back to Fletcher Elementary School for some snack and quite time before coming back to the green.

Overall it was a very good day for all campers, and everyone is already looking forward to Pool Day tomorrow! The forecast predict it to be the hottest day of the week, which means it will be a perfect day to swim!

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