Eldorado Canyon campers spent the morning at Sawhill Ponds. We started the morning with a few songs and group game. We all were able to fish and a couple of us even caught one! We all practiced casting and being very very patient. The sun was hot and the breeze was still. We ate lunch, accompanied by Counselor Jen telling some “Baba Yaga” stories–they are folk tales from Russia!–and then headed back to base camp!

Back at base we worked on our puff paint T-shirt for our session time capsule and mixed the wonderful gorp that we ordered yesterday. We played a teambuilding game to mix the gorp and all enjoyed every last morsel of it! We had free play, and then ended the day  with a lycra tube debrief–it was fun to play and talk in the lycra tube! We planned to climb on ”Wally” the climbing wall, but unfortunately we encountered some bad weather lingering over Boulder, and had to cancel our plan. Campers learned about things we can and can’t control.

We are excited to practice and perform our skits tomorrow. We have had a great session and are eager to close the session tomorrow afternoon on a great note!

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