The Juniors had a really fun day at camp going to the Sand Creek Trail and the pool. We started our day on the bus headed to Sand Creek for some songs and games. When we got there we sang a song about swimming and played a new game.
The game was called predator and prey where the camp broke up into three groups, (moths, snakes and owls), and each group had to find food, shelter and water. The food, water and shelter were represented by envelopes hidden throughout the trails. Each team was responsible for collecting a specific amount of envelopes and if they ran into another group a battle would occur.
Battles were face off’s where the campers would act like their group, so owls beat snakes and snakes beat moths. If one was beat they would have to chase the losing team and tag them. If tagged they became a part of the winning team. The kids had a great time learning about the importance of balance within nature.
We had lunch after the game and got on the bus headed for the pool. The campers had a blast playing in the pool swimming after counselors. After swimming it was time to head to Fletcher Elementary for quite time.
Some of the campers were so tired after the pool they fell asleep to the sounds of the story and the guitar. We had our snack, sang songs and still had a little time to play on the playground while we waited for the bus to pick us up. Another great day at camp for all! Can’t wait for climbing tomorrow. See you then!

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