The Juniors started their first day at Base Camp, where we sang Tarzan and Three Short-Necked Buzzards. We learned everyone’s name as they boarded the Screaming Train. To introduce our week’s theme, we played a game of What Time is It, Mr. Insect? Once we had run off some of those morning jitters, we went over our camp rules and decorated our new camp friends, our water bottles! They’ll sleep here for the rest of the week, and we’ll take them home when we are done with camp. When we were all finished decorating, we hopped on the bus to NCAR. There, we had lunch and searched for insects. We found several spiders, lots of ants and maggots, a big Ground Beetle, and a lizard, which isn’t an insect, but was really neat to see! Ed, our bus driver, helped us hunt. After we put our new friends back in their old homes, we climbed into the bus and headed back to Base Camp. We named our group, played, and had snack. Then the Super Bugs sang their first round of On Top of Spaghetti. It was loud enough for Tommy to hear, all the way inside. One last time: And…. TO-MA-TO SAUCE!!

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