Today was a very exciting day because it was the first day of a brand new two-week session here at AO Camps! We started our new session at the Morrison Nature Center and did a ton of exploring. Before we began the day’s adventures we started with a sunscreen party to protect ourselves from the strong summer rays. After sunscreen, we had our first camps songs, the Moose Song and the Hippopotamus Song before breaking off into our different cabin groups.

Once in our groups we had to come up with our groups names and our group codes for the week. Finally the ‘serious business’ was done, and we could get into the fun stuff. We all went on a big hike to the marsh and saw the biggest frog we had ever seen, then later we encountered a giant beaver dam and saw lots of minnows. Then, once we got back to our main base camp, a coyote ran through camp. All in all it was a very successful day, with lots of wildlife sightings!

We ended camps with some traditional camps songs, and boarded our bus exhausted. It was a great first day, and everyone is very excited about fishing at the RMA tomorrow!

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